Friday, 27 May 2016

Go back to a more FFXI free range

Yeah, well there is nothing we can do against multiple account abuses unfortunately, however having more plots on one account in the same server could be avoided. I think most people use this method too. Buy FFXIV Gil Players dont like the housing prices. Hm we just need to add more Tethers. Yay! Hopefully I can get myself a plot if they don't sell out right after patch maintenance is done! The only thing I would change about the small plots is having the choice to have a basement or a room upstairs... i hate the basement xD.

 So, seriously, are you ever going to address the overlap of DRG's two "new" abilities? Funny how everyone else got 5 new skills in the expansion but DRG only got 4 in practice. Claw & Fang and Wheeling Thrust are the exact same skill, only infinitely more annoying because it's random which one triggers and they have different positional requirements.

Either add some actual distinction between the 2 or remove 1 of them in favor of an actual new ability please this is ridiculous. I've quit the game for good because you kicked me out of my house. I've paid for it, I've spent time on it and now I'm left with... nothing. Yep, not coming back until you officially annonce that once you buy a house, it is yours for as long as the game is running. I can't be bothered to renew sub just for the sake of not loosing my stuff. Simple enough. FFXIV Gil

Michael Townsend was curious to how the whole residential aspect of this game would go when we first started playing it. Along with the ship building and such that was meant to be added. while you're at it, you should stop the hamster wheel gear grind game design too... That's not going to cut it anymore. Go back to a more FFXI free range not instanced inspired design with meaningful char stats.  Prepping popcorn for the drama that will ensue hours after the plots go live (especially on big servers like mine).


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