Tuesday, 26 July 2016

LOVE final fantasy

Pass try'd to log in when you say free day but it all ways never works at all so I'll say nope. This is most convenient as I was going to resub today! Now I don't have to for a little while longer. Sorry my ps4 and tv are busted. I have no idea the next time I will be able to mob ff14 .  Okay I might end up just catching up on my drawing things I have to do like that commission xD.

 Derp derp never mind I see it now -.- The Yo-kai Watch and FINAL FANTASY XIV collaboration event kicks off Tuesday! Buy FFXIV Gil Join Jibanyan, Whisper, and the other Yo-kai as they gather in Eorzea. By befriending them, you can obtain special rewards such as collaborative weapons, minions, and even mounts! Read the full details. Y'all mother fuckers so negative come tf on -_- personally I cannot fucking wait. Don't like it don't participate sweet and simple.

It just doesn't fit the game... in a game thats %110 designed around >>>Final Fantasy<<< fan service... Lol well they are doing it so I mean there is no stopping them. It is what it is at this point.  I think the minions are adorable, the weapons look nice and my lala will look great in that mount. I have no idea what Yo Kai watch is but I'm loving all this.  FFXIV Gil I played the games watched the shows and I mean it is away off final fantasy lol but it's worth a shot.

 It may not fit the game but it's still a cool concept I personally love yo Kai and I fucking LOVE final fantasy so I think it's pretty dope to see a little collab for this. I personally love all the characters in Yo Kai watch!  And now we need some Monster Hunter related stuff and life would be complete. Seriously if Yo-Kai is ok here, why MH? The mounts, minions, armor and weapons? 

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