Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Costume Design Contest for BNS player

I didn't miss your point lol. I think you're just not getting mine. You said the artist just stole the photos, so I say games can so-called "steal" from each other as well and in return they get the money, just like how you said "here I made this give me money". Literally every game has copied off of WoW in some way, shape, or form. If people followed your logic, there would be no BnS or TERA or whatever right now.

Only WoW would exist because it was the "original" and all the other games have "stolen" from it.Buy Blade and Soul Gold If you haven't gotten the artists side of the story, then technically we could all be wrong.  Ugh. I'm just done. You guys are so hell-bent on believing whatever you think. I'm just trying to say that y'all need both sides to base your opinions and thoughts. You guys really just don't want to think of any other perspective about the situation /:

Both sides? Dude? Blade and Soul Gold How ignorant is everyone. FFS it's not about REFERENCING. Good god. OBVIOUSLY GAMES PULL FROM EACH OTHER, THAT'S THE APPEAL. When you host a contest and say "make something original with a new theme" I assume they dont mean TAKE AN ALREADY EXISTING THEME IN GAME, THAT EXISTS, ON AN OUTFIT, AN OUTFIT IN GAME THAT IS LITERALLY MADE FOR ALICE IN WONDERLAND, and say it's a winner.

 You seriously don't see our point at fucking all if you think this is about just copying gear from other games. They even voted for one that is literally already existent (the Indian/gypsy/beady one). People literally traced entries in this contest. Not even tried to hide it. I am an artist. I entered in this contest thinking it was going to be a fair pull with new cool stuff we hadn't seen before. Shame on me. I would have been very happy with some of the runner ups but the winner is just an unquestionable NO.

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