Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Blade and Soul dreamcutter outfit

Is anyone else having mail issues? I already charged Ncoin before when I bought the dreamcutter outfit on warlock release. I am also a premium member and now I can't mail people because it says I need to charge Ncoin....WTF I already did this and pay for premium subscription and I can't mail people.....seriously.....

Send a ticket to support, Buy Blade and Soul Gold i had this same problem on a my 2nd account, i sent a ticket and at the next day they adjusted my account and it was able to use mail.  Is upgrade acc in awakened python or etc to true python or etc is error?? Why when i wanna use oceanic nebula stone for upgrade, the mats & cost is more expensive than upgrade normally??

Anyone knows?? Blattle Ground =10 consecutive lose. THis is really supid . Are you saying that you amklar any item yapm?yal?m let's beat all the time. Can someone tell him to turn it to aq. Blade and Soul Gold Where are we to get moonstone besides ssp now? or are we still waiting on that?  Digital River is scam, who ever donate in game, will be scamed.

 Doing twitch episodes while ur game don't want to update for me. And I cant access ur support because of unknown issue from your side.. . U really keep amazing me ncsoft.... 11am is too early, I'm thinking 6pm but it depends which time zone. Hello , I installed the game more this giving error , the game ta in MAINTENANCE ? Can someone help me? Man, I admire your dedication.  Um Oceanic... I'm preety sure TW, JP and KR are under "Oceanic" Region so you could maybe play there :^)

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