Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Blade and Soul Patch 2.5.1 Preview

Yes is alive, but even u see rat kids like here say is dead because cant pay for premiun or old pc crash or very competitive, and angry for the other ppl are more strongers of this rats and dont likes p2w..well is his money thay make all they whant!   Hello, that in-game message must have been a phishing scam. Please report your hacked account to our Support by sending an email from the mail associated with your NCSOFT account to

I want that outfit for my warlock waifu xD. This game is old news... More p2w garbage... But look what this that p2w Pope. But does it remove gameguard? Blade and Soul Gold  Always dc on xserver dungeon while loading.  i thinks we need a "server transfer". U playing TW version? Can u change the interface of the game to english? no worry at october this game will lose 50% ppl.

Why i can't instal mini clien. why have to pay something to get it not fair e.e. REMINDER! Join us tomorrow at 4PM PDT for our Patch 2.5.1 Preview with Community Manager Bethany Stout and Producer Jonathan Lien on Twitch at . Please help me, I've been robbed, my business, my chares, my e-mail to more yoga, Buy Blade and Soul Gold you sent me a msg in game, saying that I won 8000 ncoin.

hey nc, why does your gm claim that I use a third party program when I don't even know of such thing for this game? he even permanently banned my account claiming that they can't and wouldn't explain in detail to me. I'm greatly disappointed for such action and I demand a proper explanation for such a foul act of conduct! This game has become so pay to win is disgusting,why not cut the bullshit and just put gear in the shop for players to buy,it will be the same fucking thing.

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