Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Blade and Soul Xbox One version,

Lol they can do anything they want to the game and I'll be content in all their folly IF they changed the name from "final fantasy" but the issue is players are content to take what lever drool sludges out of their "innovative" team as golden. If they were even half a final fantasy fan they'd realize that they've made a perfectly good mmo but in forsaking the core assets that paint the final fantasy universe means they should call it something else like "crystal braves: a realm reborn" and no one can huff and puff about them leaving out the initial building blocks for any game in the numbered series.

I dont see any issues with it being ported to xbox. Buy Blade and Soul Gold More platforms means more people means a healthier MMO means more income means more content. Stop being silly. Xbox has a very tight policy on games running traffic through there networks I believe Yoshi said they originally wanted to have it Xbox bit Xbox said no as it was against terms of service or something.

 If anything I'd love to have an Xbox One version, heck, I'd even play that version over the ps4 version solely for Skype availability directly on the One for raids. Blade and Soul Gold Yoshi tried setting up a deal but in the end said never mind of your not gonna change your policies I know it Xbox along time to eventually allow ffxi to run through its services. Lol dude you're an idiot. Let's not expand the player base for the sake of being exclusive.

About Warframe, dunno about the Xbox community but on PS 4 I have about 9/10 hosts abandoning their own games because they die or can't fight a boss and don't wait for people to finish their objectives on the map. ff11 was a special case tho. The so-called "toxic" part of Xbox wouldn't even play FFXIV. Not to mention, there are far more "toxic" people on PC.

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