Sunday, 9 October 2016

BnS Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview

Join us TOMORROW at 4PM PST for an Ebondrake Citadel dungeon preview stream on. As a question before the Whirlwind event ends, since yesterday I only get 2 quest: one whirlwind victory and trifecta. Valley triple crown has dissapeared. Is this a glicth or something?   A friend just explained me. As I started to play ww on tuesday, Buy Blade and Soul Gold I got that from the last week and the one of this. Thank you anyway 💜.  If you put a good team to clear the entire dungeon, and show everyone how hard it's...Also explain that it's not AP, but mechanics that are needed to complete this dungeon.

It easier than tomb. But the mechanics are still very important. Idk about that... Trying out 4 man gloom with some clan. Ap 680 550 550 500.. we fail because low damage! Got all mechanic right! Irit Kogan, that's why it will be hard. It's where NA fails alot... Mechanics.. Tswb Yang , i would advice 600AP for 4man gloomdross... For 6man 500/550 AP is fine.

Might want to do something about the lazy people afking in Whirlwind Valley. How about not focusing on pushing out content and more about "Quality of Life" changes. tomorrow lol. Blade and Soul Gold is the last day of the month. and then its the beta starting month of Revelation Online. im seeing alot of great stuff on the daily wheel and with pets and things thats grreat if your over lv 45,what is there for those lv 1-40.

I have problem i buy 200 soulstone from marketplace actually soulstone will send to mail right ? But i check my mail no soulstone please reply dev i need my soulstone for my upgrade Thanks Before  when main story continue :3 ? i want to rescue my little Jin Seo Yeon :3 change the game name to Attack & Power pls, See a brief overview of the Ebondrake Citadel dungeon, and the horrors that lurk within. Jeff Naval Tons of people do SSP on my server =p but only legion do. No legit order does SSP on my server however, I do SSP but I am legion. ppl from my server are always doing ssp. Im doing it for soulstones though, not moonstones. I just recently got moonstones for upgrade material and so far no for has given me accurate places to farm them nicely. You guys are saying mushin's tower you can farm them? Irina Tatomir I call BS on that, either you are lying or you completely lost your sense of time. To get 40ms an hour you need almost every box you get to crit.

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