Monday, 17 October 2016

FFXIV is on sale on the European PlayStation Store

When I stream this game a lot of the people's questions are of subscriptions and they normally shy off when I tell them the price for a month. With a lot of good free to play games that came out recently, it has a bit of competition. FFXIV Gil Of course, F2P games don't usually stack up because of all the micro transactions, some of them being Pay to Win or some such, but think of how many people would be willing to fork up cash if they had a reduction in sub fees for like.. 3 months time?

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 Most people would consider returning and all the funding would just go into more content and rewards for people who stick in; or for those who only pay when there's an event going on.

 I never wanted to pay a subscription for any game, ever. I was super against it for so long, until I played this mmo and fell in love. I don't even like mmos. But this game changed my mind really fast about paying for a subscription. It's just worth it to me.  Andrea Di Pastena play it on pc then, problem solved.  Ps4 version doesnt need a psplus subscription.Anyway,i already have a ps4, do u buy a gaming pc for me? That would solve a lot of problems.

Oh silly me, I thought ur point was just be annoying, since theres no reason for u to comment here if not just to annoy people. Am i right?

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