Friday, 28 October 2016

FFX was the last ff game

Also, note the emphasis the second half of both the "japanese uncovered trailer" and the "tgs 2016" put on Noct´s teammates. I kinda hope we get to do a bunch of stuff solo. Though i do like having the guys, Solo gives you more connection with an individual character. You also have to think of it this way, while I agree that this shows noct would lose his way if he were alone, FFXIV Gil his father may have sent his friends with him to watch noct, and if noct does turn in the direction of the omen then his friends know they must take him out.

I feel at one point Noctis will be left alone, and there be a threat of this omen becoming true.  Also notice how throughout the trailer, noct uses the weapons usually wielded by Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto but is overwhelmed by his enemies. Huge emphasis on how important the brotherhood is, but I think there will be some tragedy implied by this omen. To what extent, we'll have to wait and see...!!

 I kinda agree with you!! Me too got a feeling that at some point, Noct will be left alone. Like the scene where Ardyn fuse Noct into the crystal in the trailer, to make him the True King. Buy FFXIV Gil Dunno that scene is a vision or really gonna happen, but the point is Noct must be alone that time.  You guys invested so much effort in this game that I really hope it's as good as you've been teasing us, pleaaaase be good! FFX was the last ff game i enjoyed. I desperately want this game to be good. The demos intrigued my interest.

 I just saw it in Paris Game Week live stream. So cool! Though, it makes me start questioning many things. I admit, I almost cry when I watched it. I might cry a lot when I play the game... such is the way of final fantasy games lol you shan't be alone lol.  I have a weird feeling that the ending of this one will be devastating. Like FFX level.  I WANT to cry when I play it. Evoking emotion is one of the things that made me a forever fan of the FF series. I will probably cry when I receive the game. Surround sound for this game definitely.

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