Wednesday, 2 November 2016

how to get FFXIV Las Vegas tickets

Whoa seriously? I was thinking of going to the Eu one next time they have a Fanfest wanted to do something different than Vegas... that sucks. It really was a mess getting our tickets and we were fortunate to have American friends to help us, but without that the last 11 months of saving for a holiday may of gone to waste. We were a crew of 6 international attendees, Cheap FFXIV Gil but met multiple other Europeans at the event who expressed similar frustrations.

I left feedback on the official forum with screenshots of my interactions with both the EU and NA support teams months ago, so I hope they have read it and informed their customer service how to better handle the situation. Woow, such a short notice from when the tickets go on sale. I was anticipating to see the prices come up soon, and the tickets to go on sale maybe a month later or something so I could plan ahead with my funds for the ticket and the trip. Of course, I get paid a few weeks after the tickets have gone on sale, FFXIV Gil so much for getting one. ;_;

I'm aware you likely can't do much about these things, but this does feel like a really short notice for such a large event? At least there's the livestream option, thanks for that! Is the Square buying team completely unaware of the difference between a pound and a US dollar? (Albeit a lot less than it was before Brexit) Pretty tired of EU region being charged so much more for no good reason on most products such as the collector's edition of Heavensward.

wish you'd have revealed the price months ago when you put up the site, not 4 days before im supposed to have it. especially when it's twice as expensive as last time so the money i had set aside isn't nearly enough! I tried to get Las Vegas tickets but they sold out too quickly. You should allow subscribed members to get tickets first as well as good a larger venue.

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