Sunday, 20 November 2016

pre-order FFXV at Gamestop

Ok sure Square, we'll just buy the game three times, so we can have all of the content.  Or you can just wait for the season pass lol I just bought it for $25, and i get access to more than 16 dlc! Dude... Relax. Knowing them, they'll release it into the market for a 2 dollar download or something, as bad as that might be.. Its just a mini-game.. I hope so! I have a feeling thy'll do that too. Its just im a big fan and like to own everything they release so its kinda frustrating when I already dropped $300 on the ultimate collectors edition!

Exclusive pre-order at Gamestop and EB Games? Can you not? Exclusives are exclusives... Companies want people to buy it from them specifically.. Its kinda why Walgreens has different variants of a product then CVS does.  Yeah, lame move. A Kings Tale looks garbage anyway. GameStop must've paid a pretty penny for this. Buy FFXIV Gil I just said it looks garbage based on videos. If it was a good game, it would not be a singular retail company preorder exclusive. Lmao, yea it looks like garbage but the magic and summons make this game look like streets of rage on steroids.

Everyone said life is strange looked like garbage but the feels got me bad...Try that again after it comes out. K? Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.  What even is this. Cheap FFXIV Gil Is it a mobile game about his dad or something. Retro brawler like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage starring a young Regis. It's a downloadable game for consoles. Jonathan Boncher oh well that's good. I thought it was going to be another mobile thing.

I've oddly been as excited for this as I am the main game. Buy it at Gamestop to get the game on the 28th m8. Dx nnnnnn not early enough! Well come to think of it.. 9 days isn't bad.. Almost a week left.. And I already got my digital preorder ready so.. Bullcrap, Only obtainable if you preorder from GameStop?  yeah thats why i pre-ordered it at gamestop lol but eventually it will release for everyone.

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