Wednesday, 30 November 2016

It's pretty easy to get soulstones at Soulstone Plains in Silverfrost

Exactly why i left back in May. Couldnt enjoy the game anymore because I wasn't playing Blade & Soul, I was playing Forever Catch-up or be a cash whale/spend your life away doing dailies for hours a day just to get little accomplished for crazy requirements for upgrades. They nerfed a lot of the material requirements now but they were ridiculous back in early stage of this game in our region Blade and Soul Gold...I do miss the game a lot,   I love the game so much and would have stayed if they didn't shove contents down our throats so fast :/

NCWest ruined the game for me...I would've just gone back to play on KR server if it wasn't for ping issues. No one is forcing you to rush.   If you're playing casually then take your time. My guild has burnt through the current content already, over half already have 1-5 longgui soul shield, legndary accesories and at least baleful/serah stage 4. Hardcore guilds need new content and 678 turtle pizza. Meh, I'm still farming the infernal lord and doing moonwater coast faction quests to get 5 soulstones to upgrade the razor Cheap Blade and Soul Gold (I need 50).

 It's pretty easy to get soulstones at Soulstone Plains in Silverfrost. Especially now that all of the mobs have been nerfed recently. What server do you play on?  "Wah content is relesing too fast" there isnothing wrong with taking your time but if you REALLY want to be gear capped then join a guild, get geared, join a better guild, spam turtle, spam tomb, do all purple dailies every day. Yeah, it takes time. Yeah, its hard but the elite put in that time and effort to become elite. Go out there and play, you can do it.

(If all else fails you could always use the legendary [HM Credit Card] to take the easy way...) Content is released so freaking fast in this game. I don't feel like I'm ever caught up and I play almost every day.  I think this event is exclusive for high AP's again.. I try to go back to the game, but when i see the upgrade costs, i just feel too lazy to do anything. you guys just want eveythink to be easy to get dont want to do an effort to get anythink ..

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