Tuesday, 27 December 2016

join FFXIV the recent Fan fest.

I hope this one is better than last year's. have they announced sam? Samurai confirmed.  Dean Long Shayne Thompson Jr. Samurai confirmed? XD. how long does a raid take in ffxiv. kind of disappointed there wasn't another, longer trailer for stormblood :( but ooooooooooomg rdm, mained it for 8 years in xi and has been my favorite job since FF1, so this just made me squee. Dang it! I told myself they couldn't do anything to make me return. And now they do this.... I have to return now. FFXIV Gil I know it's 3.5 content not Stormblood but I'm so fucking stoked for the GARO collaboration, I've wanted that for years and I'm surprised they've done it, shame there's no pictures!

The game should have open pvp and some kind of siege activities, and more clear high lvl crafting, for now its just plain old game for single, just for the story arc and only mmo activity is when you stop and have to make dung for better eq to move forward .Samurai and dancer has not been confirmed. Remaining job announcement at Germany fanfest.  Did you see the first teaser trailer? Pretty sure that was a dancer sparring with a monk. Samurai was teased in the developers room as well as blue mage..

Well, the pet system would need an overhaul for beast master Cheap FFXIV Gil or puppet master to be any real fun, so a summoner rework would probably occur first, imo. Well Yoshi P was wearing a Spider-man shirt in the recent Fan fest. Now I challenge everyone who reads this to look up the Director for the first 3 Spider-Man films... See if that doesn't give you a BIG hint . welcome to the dumb dev team that doesnt care bout what people actually want. People wanted Drk to be dps? aww too bad its a tank, people want Sam to be tank? please try again since it will be Tank as well. I wonder which job they will mess up next.

 Jackie Chatt Do you have a source that tells if you are correct, or is this a hunch? If it's a hunch, please don't write it like that to mislead people. We'll more than likely find out more, and official, information when the Franfurt Germany Fan Fest happens in early February. Samurai was actually a tank, but it had difference stances for DPS.. and since tank in FF14 you either DPS or Tank they are the only role that can change.. unlike healer and DPS so I'm fine with it.. People complain about Sam being tank, but they don't complain about Dark Knight using Magicka... like.. come on..

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