Thursday, 12 January 2017

FFXIV Patch 3.5

The latest Developers' Blog entry explores aesthetic features and additions for Patch 3.5 that are sure to spice up screenshots! Seeing Titan just reminds me of my very first extreme clear. Cheap Blade and Soul Gold I was last alive he had a tiny tiny sliver of life. I get hit by his big knock back and hit a raiton after over the edge and killed him. Damn i wish I would have thought to screenshot that. That's what capture cards are for.  Yes. If only I had thought about it D: NOOB NEEDS HELP! I just finished heavanswards main story and I need to get my gear level to 185 (I think) so I can do the antitower. How do I get better gear at this point?

Centurio Seals, gets you i200 gear that can be upgraded to i210. You can do daily and weekly elite hunts for seals. You can rack up a lot in just a few days. Can get hunt contracts at the Forgotten Knight in Ishgard - Foundation.Or you can run Alexander Gordias, get i190 gear.  Buy 250 crafted gear lol 2 pieces will boost ur ilv and u can go the raids easy. Once you get all the i200 gear using centurios you should be able to start doing expert roulette and getting lore/scriptures which you can exchange in idyllshire for i230-i260 gear. Scriptures are capped weekly at the moment however for i260 gear.

Nuno Ribeiro I feel like that'd defeat the purpose of running a lot of the older content. Buy Blade and Soul Gold I mean you can always go back and do it later but it'd lose it's incentive. (obviously it depends on what Jesse would want to do though) But yes, that is also a good option for a quick fix. Run PotD over and over. Gives you 60 tombstones of lore and 30 scripts. Use those to purchase 230 and 250 gear in Idylshire.  My item level right now is 143 and I have almost no gil. And my only previous MMO experience is destiny so I'm fucking lost. Can you guys explain that in a more simplified manner?

 If you are under i160, the first few 60 dungeons will drop i160 gear. The lore tomestones earned for doing that content will get you i230 gear. You can also run Palace of the Dead, the randomized dungeon, for tomestones. As soon as your ilvl reaches high enough for Alexander (i170) you can do that for 190 gear. At i175 you can run Void Ark to get i200 gear. Since you're trying to boost your ilvl quickly to get through the story content (you need to be i210 for the last story dungeon as of right now), it's best to spend your lore tomestomes on accessories first because they are cheaper than other pieces of gear. What server are you on? Ultras probably has its own fb page. Join that and ppl there can help I'm sure . Ultros is in the Primal data center so once the new patch drops I'll be able to party up with you and help with dungeons/raids if you need it.

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