Tuesday, 7 February 2017

FFXIV Trials of Bahamut

Mauricio Acosta I know Mauricio, but some of them said SE have trolled them before, so im still nervous about it. once SE announces it, i'll just purchase the expansion, since i dont want to play classes i really dont feel like my main class. i've played SAM in FFXI for 7 years, and i've been waiting for it to come to FFXIV since 2.0 ^^I'm pretty sure everyone's just waiting for the new job announcement. Cheap FFXIV Gil  I really hope they'll do 3 new jobs again, if not more. Red mage already has me hyped.  samurai must. what sub classes do you think it will need? i hope i dont need subclasses. just wanna get right into the flow.  I've got a feeling they are going to announce Australian servers!

 Tried to re-download the game yesterday after a year long break only to not get past the registration because it kept asking me for a product key but my product key has already been used the first time I played >. just started up as a ranger kajat looking dude   fun so far.  I got mine can't wait to watch the fun from home. Wolves of Eorzea, don’t forget to register for the fun PvP tournament at the European Fan Festival! You only have until Friday 3rd Feb to sign up.If you have a ticket to the Fan Fest and want to show off your PvP skills – this is your chance!

Did anyone else get the buffy the vampire slayer reference in new season event? Gets bitten by a vampire gets vampire abilities well turned into one, then if you look at minion from event description. Buy FFXIV Gil Dunno could be pulling hairs here but seems like blue mage is more logical now. We're pleased to announce the "Trials of Bahamut" Real Escape Game, produced in collaboration with SCRAP Entertainment, is coming to U.S. cities in summer 2017! Visit the official website and stay tuned for more info:  You have no idea how much I love hearing Bahamut pronounced as 'mut' instead of 'moot'. Yeah, a lot of people try to pronounce it like the Arabian fish deity that supposedly holds Earth up. It's name is spelled as either 'Bahamut' or 'Bahamot' but it's pronounced 'Bahamoot'. But the dragon god isn't the fish so I like 'Bahamut' with the 'mut'.

Every time I hear bahamoot I think of that ff7 video. Dale A MacKinnon, I never got far enough into 12 to hear that. Kinda happy about that now. Lol! Just like tidus is teedus, bastok is bastoke..
Everyone's mispronouncing half of the words/names ff uses. Everyone.I didn't know it wasn't Cee-sill. It's Seh-sil. Been saying the FFIV name wrong since childhood.  Dale A MacKinnon Well 12 was the first step down the path to the terrible FF games we have now, so who cares what 12 says.

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