Wednesday, 15 February 2017

FINAL FANTASY XIV fix patch errors

Your fucking picture.... thought it was a hair .  So many tears over this event. Anyone with common sense should know that these seasonal events aren't a priority when you're preparing an expansion for the summer, and the upcoming fan fest. I'm usually pretty critical in my opinion of this game, but I'd rather them focus on important things. Moreover, FFXIV Gil Valantione's Day is running alongside the Garo event that hands out a ton of useful gear for every job.Felt very underwhelming especially the reward, basically blow kiss with an added pop up? Nah rubbish, at least the angel minion was nice though.I wonder if Stormblood just might be the /reason/ seasonals are being phoned in

That event was not where the SE's focus was for good reason. As one of my fc mates put it:"I believe they spent most of this events budget on the pin up art."At least it gave me the opprotunity to watch my toon get shot down twice xD.  The dote emote and minion are adorable, however, I agree with the others. I remember the first two Valentiones' events on 14 had much more to do in them.Would love to participate in the event. But ever since i got my ps4 pro, I haven't been able to load the patch files to play...... Done at 5 o'clock on a Friday again. I hope Stormblood isn't as phoned in as much as these seasonal events and even patches are getting.

Stormblood budget is something along the lines of triple what Heavensward was iirc.  I am so sick of the lack of items you can get back from the events and lately it's getting lame cause it's just go here go there here's your two items lol maybe three if your lucky......  After awhile it gets old and boring no creativity...Microsoft has to agree with Yoshi's requirements. Buy FFXIV Gil The talks have already happened.  Yea the talks have happened but Microsoft won't budge on these requirements so it's probs a no go. Don't mean to be a boner killer. I really liked the Halloween even last year, I would like to see little mini instanced dungeons like that again! Even the Christmas event last year was cool too and gave me a reason to log in every of the event xD.

lately seem you guys aren't really putting any work into these events I mean before we had quest to do now like talk to NPC A walk 5-10feet to NPC B and turn in or run outside town and do 1 Fate and done. What happen to the work the 5+ quest to finish these events? Frankly wasn't for the items what can now buy don't even got to earn anymore and the achievement I wouldn't bother with them anymore.FINAL FANTASY XIV fix patch errors. You have people that wants to play new and old and they can't./dote One One thr most important emotes what I got from Seasons evento tho.

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