Wednesday, 1 March 2017

FFXIV hoping SAM would come sooner

I can taste the salt of everyone who said it was one job and someone else saying it was a different job...either way someone will be disappointed and complain more. I'm spending the next hour finding these people saying blue mage and dancer and enjoying their sweet sweet tears. Finally. The trolls can stop posting what they think the new job/jobs will be. Cheap FFXIV Gil We will finally KNOW. When I started playing FFXIV back then..I asked for reviews at reddit. Some trolls inboxed me the whole story lol.

 Nah, they will just start on guessing the next jobs The next job in 5.0 is beastmaster. Is the stream the same place as the JP one or is there a different site/twitch? Here's a fun idea Final Fantasy XIV marketing team! Bring more merchandise to the EU stores! I'm still hoping for a blue mage tank and/or a dps samurai. More likely SAM :D I wouldnt stand to keep playing WAR, since i really dont like it, played SAM in FFXI for 7 years, started FFXIV hoping SAM would come sooner or later, if it doesnt come with this expansion i'll certainly quit the game. I just want my dancer but samurai will more than likely be confirmed. When fan fest will come to Montreal??? Buy FFXIV Gil You have fan here in the east coast, you know..

I can't go, but have last minute tickets if anyone wants to buy them? Got 2, let me know ladies and gents. And then we'll find out if we get tank and if it's samurai, or dps. No wait, I got that sentence mixed up...

I wouldn't care either way as long as sam is a dps and not a tank. I love swords but hate tanking. I was really irked when one of my fav jobs was made into a tank even though thematically it has been a dps type of job. It's going through CB3 right now and should be in open beta soon.. I've played many games in my lifetime and I must say this MMO is something I've been longing for because it has all the good features from every other MMO.

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