Tuesday, 28 March 2017

FFXIV patch 3.55b

No it's not.. there are suppoze to be more story line to it. Had in game friends even say it wasnt out yet. Aaron Moger are you sure? I cannot find main quests at sand waking after last main quest of part 1.no idea then i thought patch 3.55b was the last patch we were getting before stormblood. Last bit of story will be in 3.58. Hahahah....I'm never going back. May never even play WoW again. I'd be down so we can get stuff! Are people who participated in the beta barred from this too? Should be a email in the address you have your ff account linked to. i'm going to callback u pls wait for me . never mind u have to b friends )-: )-: )-: u will never come back. At least you thought of me. Arnelli Vargas been wanting to come back bruhhh. Come back already you wuss! I'll help you lvl up again hahaha! Just like old times.

 I'm on PS4, someone want to invite me back. Desperate for more players? this game is dead. You just cancelled my subscription again. What am I paying for? Okay...I'll do it later since I have all next week off. Vacation week yay. I hope a free login campaign will come.  i wont get items or free game time because it won't let me subscribe online. I had to have someone who was friends with me before invite me back. Also fair warning they only send the invite back emails once a week. Buy FFXIV Gil So they have to be your friend in game? You could always restart the old fashioned way. You really only miss out on the 7 days of free playing, the rest doesn't matter (free gear and such) because it's all negligible.yay i back 4 days ago and noone cares q,q.Well,

That's slight hyperbole (more like 3), but I was sort of at a loss of what to do anyway. The fact I almost lasted 3 months is a miracle as it is. You know how my attention spam gets. Won't work unless you are on their friends list in game. Last time I sent two of these requests to two different people and they didn't get either of them. yeah, sent this callback campaign email to a number of friends and none of them have received it. so it's definitely a bit broken.   FFXIV Gil I don't need 7 free days... all I need is free time on my agenda to play x)  I don't need 7 free days... all I need is free time on my agenda to play x) And they haven't received any rewards either.

 It's a side profit alongside the sub fee to help fund the production of the game and products.it hasnt poisoned the mmo....YET... with the rise of boost potions expect it too start. thats my personal opinion tho.  

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