Monday, 10 April 2017

FFXIV for potato computers

I still remember how awesome the idea of using chocobos for Uber/Lyft... I cried a bit knowing it's April fools day, My favourite part of that whole thing is the 8-bit music themes they used.  I like this retro video for every xp habit. Looking forward to stormbloods! Well, given the comments I think it's pretty clear we need a "retro" dungeon. See the last time Square Enix made an april fools joke like this, they showed the mini game where we control our minions like pokemon. look where that got us? FFXIV Gil Lets hope they will do it again with this one <w< Also if FINAL FANTASY XIV reads this...I hope you do know that a tactics game where we have skills used in FF14 is something the world would love to see right...? we need a new tactics game.

The Youtube vid for it was posted March 31st, better be damn real. it is really sad that it is just a joke. My fiancée was disappointed that this wasn't a real thing.  Well at least now square has proof that there are people who actually want a new game like this lol, Even though it's a joke, can we please have a 8-Bit version of Rise? That sounded really neat xD.This is on the same level of depressing as Chrono Resurrection if it isn't true. I hate April fools jokes that is something I want.  Nice Tactics Ogre-esque for FFXIV. I dig it...A lot... where do I toss my money? Oh wait. ..ya don't want it cuz this is a joke =[

It's funny because they've known what we want the whole time. FFXIV for potato computers and consoles lol. Looks so much like tactics ogre... Fml. I mean tnh I wanna hear the full ver of Alex Prime's theme in 8-bit. More sad about the rise chiptune not being a thing then anything. Even though its april fools the music is awesome.I love these videos, Cheap FFXIV Gil SE and ff14 work so hard to make them look so good.  So starved for good final fantasy that even jokes look amazing.  Just give me another fucking tactics game you assholes! NOT FUNNY, this is all I want in the world.  Sound: Nailed it! SE, bring back Legend of Legaia please!!!!  release this game, like seriously. We're never getting another Tactics game, are we? Hell, can we download that killer chiptune somewhere?

Of course you'd April fools an actual good game fans would like, paladin using rage of halone how unrealistic. Can... Can you ask Sokken-Sama to release that 8-Bit version of Rise in the new ost release D:  Is there a source to these sprites? I need to have these. Wasn't there a 16-bit version of the Titan fight?  I would buy the collector's edition. And people wonder why I hate today.  I kinda actually wanna see this. April fools guys. Never gonna happen xD. Why is this "APRIL FOOLS" so fucking elaborated???? BTW its not a Final Fantasy Tactics reference. It is a Tatics Ogre reference. God this would be awesome haha.  April fools guys. Never gonna happen ,  And yet music is so awesome I want the full version of it. I got excited...then realized what today is damnit.I would totally play this haha!

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